Free and Low Cost Women’s Health Services

We provide free and low cost services that many women would not be able to afford when seeing their local GP.

Low Cost Women’s Health Services

Access to lower cost health services including:

  • Counselling (with Gemma Lindegren)
  • Massage, reflexology, and lymphatic drainage (With Fran Jennings)
  • Mirimiri (with Tammi Heap)
  • Smear Clinic (with visiting nurse smear taker Angela Davies or other nurse if she is unavaliable)

Find out more about these natural therapies by giving us a call.

womens_health_collective-35Free Women’s Health Services

  • Urine Pregnancy Tests (do it here or take away)
  • Condoms and Lube (help yourself supplies)
  • Cervical Screening (once a month clinic)
  • Women’s health information resources
  • Menstrual care supplies
  • Information on local health providers: GP’s, Specialists, Dentists, Midwives, Counsellors etc
  • Information on other free and low cost services in the Palmerston North and wider MidCentral region
  • Information about what you can do if you have a concern about your health experiences
  • One to one support, referral assistance and advocacy as required.
  • Written referrals (as appropriate)
  • Access to our extensive lending library of women’s health, well-being and self development books

The Collective also has a community health watch role and provides advocacy around women’s and community health concerns.