Free and Low Cost Women’s Health Services

We provide free and low cost services that many women would not be able to afford when seeing their local GP.

womens_health_collective-35Free Women’s Health Services

  • Urine Pregnancy Tests (do it here or take away)
  • Condoms and Lube (help yourself supplies)
  • Cervical Screening (once a month clinic)
  • Women’s health information resources
  • Menstrual care supplies
  • Information on local health providers: GP’s, Specialists, Dentists, Midwives, Counsellors etc
  • Information on other free and low cost services in the Palmerston North and wider MidCentral region
  • Information about what you can do if you have a concern about your health experiences
  • One to one support, referral assistance and advocacy as required.
  • Written referrals (as appropriate)
  • Access to our extensive lending library of women’s health, well-being and self development books

Low Cost Women’s Health Services

Access to lower cost health services including:

  • Subsidised Counselling
  • Naturopathy, massage, reflexology

Find out more about these natural therapies

The Collective also has a community health watch role and provides advocacy around women’s and community health concerns.